New Year New You

Will you be feeling the pinch this January?

Many of us feel the pinch in January, whether it’s the jeans being too tight, financial strain from Christmas and NYE, or simply too much of a waistline.

We also know that many of us decide to make a new year’s resolution because we feel we should do, or we have pressure to do so from our friends, family or colleagues.

We all know the feeling, starting with good intentions and slowly creeping into old habits and routines as life catches up with us.

This year help is on hand to do things differently – after all we’re all different and what works for one person may not work for another.

Quit Smoking - Southampton Healthy Living

Would you like to quit smoking?

Are you a smoker feeling the financial pinch this January? We have a range of ways to support you to stop smoking, beat the cravings and make those savings! We know that different things work for different people and we have many ways we can help you stop smoking. We can help with finding out about e-cigarettes, using nicotine replacement therapy (eg patches or gum) or talking with someone who knows how hard it is. If you stop smoking on 1 January you could have saved on average £520 by no smoking day on 8 March. That’s enough to book a holiday somewhere for the family this summer.

Would you like to lose weight?

Do you have a big event coming up this summer and want to shine rather than hide? It’s possible to drop a dress size or two by the summer and feel fantastic, as well as drastically improving your health. We also know that finding the right way for you to lose weight is key to success. This could be by attending one of our weightwatchers groups for free, using online apps or talking to one of our advisers, either alone or as part of a group.

Are you clothes feeling a little tighter? How about starting some physical exercise / activity and by the time Sport Relief comes along in March you may be able to run the Sport Relief Mile with ease.

Lose weight with Southampton Healthy Living

So many people start the new year aiming to get fitter. We are working with many organisations across Southampton to help you do this differently this year. As well as the free gym passes and running coaching we can point you in the direction of a rowing club who are setting up sessions for new members, or the yoga group in a local temple. Maybe you’d like to get fit by working on a community allotment and then have the bonus of learning how to cook (and eat!) what you’ve grown. Don't forget we also have a local parkrun in Southampton and couch to 5k apps to download.

Make this year the year you try that activity that you always wanted to.

Wendy Lee, Programme Manager for Southampton Healthy Living said:

‘I look forward to planning and setting new goals for the new year, I’m training hard for the Southampton Half Marathon in April, with the right support around me I feel confident that I’ll complete the course.'

You may be feeling the pinch this January but with our support this could be the year that the new you finally shines.

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