Stop Smoking


We are here to help make it as easy as possible to stop smoking. There are a few things you will need to think about when you decide to stop smoking. The support we offer breaks these into two parts: 1) physical addiction and 2) behavioural addiction.

Your physical addiction

When you smoke, you send nicotine into your body which is picked up by receptors which feed your cravings. Over time these receptors need more nicotine which is when you get nicotine cravings which make you feel uncomfortable. This can lead to a dependence on nicotine.

When you don’t get nicotine or enough of it you can go into nicotine withdrawals, where you may become emotional or nervous, low, feel sick, sleep poorly, have a headache or just feel out of sorts. You will know what this feels like for you. This discomfort makes you want to smoke again to lift you out of the nicotine withdrawals.

Medication can help you deal with your need for nicotine by either replacing it or blocking its effects. As a service we offer two different ways to help with your cravings, these are either prescribed medication from you GP or nicotine replacement therapy. Whichever one you choose we can help and support you whilst you are stopping. To find out more about these options visit our Medicines Page

Your behavioural addiction

As well as dealing with the cravings for nicotine it is important to deal with the beliefs, habits, routines, triggers, people and situations that keep you smoking, even when you don't really want to.

Our friendly and experienced advisors are specialist in supporting you to understand your personal triggers and can help you with the challenges that you face. We pride ourselves in treating everyone as an individual and will make sure that your behavioural support is tailored to your needs.

 If you want to speak to one of our team about your quit needs call us on 0300 123 3791.

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