Elaines Story

Elaine has just reached 12 weeks smoke-free, after 40 years of smoking. Here’s her story …..

A few months ago when I went to the Job Club, Southampton Healthy Living were there doing free mini-healthchecks. A lady called Alison took my blood pressure, measured my height and weight and talked to me about my smoking.  I had been thinking a lot about trying to give up as my chest was getting really bad. Alison told me about the support I could get from one of the Behaviour Change Practitioners and booked me an appointment to see someone near where I live.

At my first appointment I was still smoking a couple of packs a week.  I talked to Jo about what I had done in the past to try to quit and said that I didn’t like the patches. We also talked about my smoking routines and she helped me to work out some of the reasons why I smoked (such as boredom) and how I could change my habits. I decided to try using the inhalator so I took one away with me and booked another appointment for the next week.

The inhalator was great for me as I could take it everywhere and even use it at Job Club or on the bus if I needed to.  By my second appointment I hadn’t had any cigarettes at all and was so pleased that I asked Jo to email my GP who had been telling me for ages that I should stop smoking.

Over the weeks my chest started to feel a lot better, I was wheezing less and had more energy. Yesterday I chased my friend down the road as I had forgotten to tell her something, and wasn’t even out of breath! Having regular appointments with Jo kept me feeling motivated and I could talk about anything I was struggling with.

I would say to anyone who is thinking of stopping smoking that it really is the best thing you can do. I’m so proud that I have finally given up and I feel so much healthier for it.

If you would like support to stop smoking call us on 0300 123 3791

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