Stop smoking medication


We know that stopping smoking is difficult for many smokers. There are a range of medications that we know can help reduce the cravings caused by nicotine withdrawal. We call these prescription and non-prescription therapy. Below is some information about both of these types of medicinal support.


These therapies are most commonly known as Nicotine Replacement Therapy or NRT. You may have tried these before and can include patches, gums, sprays or inhalators.

NRT replaces the nicotine from smoking and can be used safely to reduce cravings. This service offers a range of NRTs and these can be supplied directly to you, often free of charge.

We can often supply two forms of NRT to support your cravings. This would include a patch which offers a long term slow release of nicotine along with a quick release NRT, such as a spray or a gum, useful for when you have cravings which need an extra bit of support.

These therapies are available by prescription from your GP and our service can support you to access these. The common prescription pharmacotherapies are called Champix and Zyban and they block the receptors that crave nicotine and therefore reduce the cravings.

Some people cannot take these prescription pharmacotherapies so it is important to talk this through with one of our  advisors.

We know that the best form of support includes both a medication and behavioral support which will provide your best chance of quitting for good.

For more information about how to access stop smoking medications please contact one of our team.

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