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Southampton Healthy Living provide a range of health improvement and behaviour change training for people working in Southampton. These courses will help you to deliver brief and structured interventions that support health behaviour change.

The training schedule shows when these courses will run and you can book on these by calling the Hub.

Our courses for 2017/2018 are as follows. Please keep checking back for new courses and updated information.

Courses which will support you to have better healthy conversations.

Making Every Contact Count (MECC) MECC training is accredited by the Royal Society of Public  Health.  MECC aims to develop specific skills that will help staff to open up conversations around healthy lifestyles.  This is a pre-Motivational Interviewing course and can be accessed by professionals, volunteers and all members of staff who have front-line contact with staff.

Motivational Interviewing: Level 1 and 2 - Motivational Interviewing is a collaborative rather than prescriptive approach to communicating with adults and young people and has proven effectiveness around behaviour change.

Motivational Interviewing for Managers - To gain skills around Motivational Interviewing and to be able to apply those skills with employees/within your workplace/work role.

Motivational Interviewing for Groups: This course will look at examples of MI in practice and specific ideas for tailoring interventions in groups. This includes techniques and models which build positive thinking and forward-looking approaches within groups. The spirit of MI will be revisited and new evidence presented on effectiveness. Working with groups requires adapted styles and perspectives linked with group dynamics and this will be covered in the course.

Motivational Interviewing Advanced Skills Development helps delegates to be able to apply MI skills more confidently with more resistant clients and to explore and develop skills more confidently with more resistant clients.  This course is for those who have developed their MI skills in the workplace.

Courses for specific health interventions.

Alcohol Brief Interventions - This course will cover the basic facts about alcohol and alcohol harm, understanding alcohol units, how to use the alcohol screening tool, the principles of brief interventions and the skills and techniques needed to raise this topic with clients.

Smoking Cessation Very Brief AdviceTraining - For those who want to gain basic knowledge of smoking and smoking cessation.  Delegates will develop skills and techniques to provide behavioural support for clients to stop smoking and of provision of medications.  Learn to complete and record smoking cessation information in line with Department of Health guidance and submitting the relevant paperwork and data competently.

Smoking Cessation Level 2 Accredited Training - This training will support you to deliver targetted interventions in smoking cessation and support clients in their quit journey. This includes information about how to use stop smoking pharmacotherapies such as NRT and how to deliver CO monitoring. This course is supported by an online training course accreditted by the National Centre for Smoking Cessation.

Let’s Get Moving: Motivating Clients Towards a More Active Life - Let‘s Get Moving is a behaviour change intervention that has been designed to provide a systematic approach to identifying, supporting and guiding adults to become more active, for the purpose of both prevention and management of in activity-related chronic disease.

A Brief Intervention in Weight Management  This course will introduce participants to an approach to delivering brief interventions on weight management with adults. It will build on the evidence-base of what are the most effective ways to approach behaviour change on this topic including how to raise the topic of weight management focusing on both diet and physical activity.





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